Certificate of Completion

Free Certificate of Completion

Upon finishing our class you automatically will receive an official, signed and embossed hard copy of your certificate of completion. This certificate is signed by our educational director and embossed with our corporate seal to ensure authenticity. The certificate is shipped via first-class mail from the US Postal Service and usually arrived within 5-7 days. Again, there is no additional cost for this certificate.

Faster Shipping

If you need to receive your certificate more quickly, we offer a couple of affordably-priced options. You can upgrade to Priority Mail Express from the US Postal Service which offers 1-2 shipping throughout the United States. We also offer Priority Mail which is typically takes 2-3 days.

For students who need their certificate as soon as possible we also offer a free downloadable certificate of completion. While we recommend students submit the official hard-copy certificate from us, this option is also available.

Verification of Enrollment

Also included in our courses is the option to download a proof of enrollment as soon as you have signed up for the class. This enrollment verification can be downloaded to you computer, tablet or cell phone. We also can fax or email it for you.

Sample Certificate

Sample Certificate of Completion