Read Along Audio Upgrade

Read Along Audio Upgrade

With Read Along, Blue Mountain Education’s top-notch educational courses are even more convenient! While some people prefer learning by reading, many choose to watch or listen to material. Read Along allows all of our students to have the option to have the course read to them out loud. With Read Along you can listen to the content as many times as you wish.

Benefits of Read Along

Read Along is much more than simple convenience. For many, listening to the information creates an environment for better content retention, enhanced ability and understanding of material, and a greater ability to work through complex ideas. If using headphones or ear buds you also can filter out all background noise so that you can fully focus on the course.

Less Physical Stress

Taking a diversionary class can be stressful. Often students are working on a deadline to get their course completed. Trying to pore through the material can be stressful on the eyes and the brain. Read Along takes some of that stress out by allowing you to rest your eyes and digest the material at your own pace.


You can try Read Along free for the first three chapters. If you decide you want to continue to use the option all you need to do is click the “Upgrade” button, pay a small fee, sit back and listen to the remainder of the course.

Read Along Benefits

  • Free Trial
  • Inexpensive
  • Minimal Reading
  • Relaxing