Vaping Awareness Classes

Vaping Awareness Classes

To Satisfy All Court, Personal or School Requirements

A vaping awareness class can provide individuals the information and tools they need to quit smoking. Though most people have heard that using nicotine products is dangerous, many are unaware of just how dangerous these products are and the harm they cause our bodies. Our online classes provide valuable information which allows individuals to make more informed decisions. If you vape and want to make a lasting, positive change in your life, consider quitting. Our vaping awareness classes can help you get there.

Our Classes Are Designed to Help

If you are seeking an informative yet convenient vaping cessation program, or simply want a vaping class that can be completed on your own time, at your own pace, we can help. At Blue Mountain Education, the needs of our students are important to us, and we tailor our programs to meet those needs. For that reason, our vaping awareness class is offered online at an affordable price and is available at the 4 and 8 hour levels.

Our online classes are popular with students like your because they can be completed around your schedule. Our program is available online, so you can access it anywhere there is an Internet connection, whether you have a PC, Mac, laptop, smartphone, or tablet. The course was designed with you in mind and we are confident you will enjoy the difference it makes.

Rest Easy with Our Money-back Guarantee

As with all of the programs offered by Blue Mountain Education, our vaping awareness classes come with our money-back guarantee. If for any reason you are dissatisfied with the course, or find that it does not satisfy court mandates, we will refund your money, no questions asked. Your satisfaction is important to us and you can trust that we have your best interests in mind. Enroll in this course today!

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Vaping Awareness Class Reviews

Rated 5/5 based on 29 customer reviews. Here are some of the most recent reviews:

A longtime smoker I took to vaping to quit smoking. My wife told me it was just as bad as smoking cigarettes. When my doctor recommended I take a vaping class at, I decided to see what it was all about. Boy did it open my eyes. Not only did I learn about all of the harmful chemicals in vaping canisters, but realized how bad nicotine is for the rest of my body. This class also provided techniques to quit using nicotine all together. I have been nicotine-free for three months. It has been 30 years since I quit for that long.

I just finished taking the vaping awareness class from Blue Mountain Education with my 14-year-old daughter. She had gotten in trouble for vaping in the girls bathroom at school and was told she had to take the 8-hour vaping class. I am so worried about her I took the class with her. What a great class. We actually enjoyed going through the course together. I recommend all parents take a vaping class with their kids (if their kids have begun to experiment with vaping).

What did I like about taking this vaping class? Well, it was quick and easy to take in my house. It was accepted by the courts and I did not have to face anyone while taking the class.

My school made me take this class for a Saturday detention after me and my friends were caught vaping. If you have to take a class, this is about as good as it gets. I hope I won’t vape in the future.

I wish my son would write you guys and tell you how much this class affected him. He had been vaping since 7th grade (3 years). When his school forced him to take the vaping awareness class at Blue Mountain Education, he whined and moaned incessantly. Had it not been ordered he would not have taken the class. I am so glad he did. He has been “vape-free” for over a month and said he now realizes he does “not want to be addicted to some chemical for the rest of my life.” Thank you for this great.

Our Guarantee

Blue Mountain Education stands behind all of our classes and offers a 100% money back guarantee. Although this program includes a guarantee, it is your responsibility to verify with your court that they will accept an online vaping class for your individual requirement. This is a distance-learning course that was created for educational purposes only. Read more about our guarantee for more details.