DUI & DWI Classes

State Acceptance of Online DUI / DWI Classes

Some states will allow online alcohol & drug education classes, or alcohol awareness classes to be taken online. Certain states will allow DUI classes to be taken online; however, we recommend you both check and verify if your state will allow for an online class for your specific requirement AND get prior approval before enrolling. This will ensure the class will be accepted.

State Specific Requirements

Alabama – Alabama does not allow an online class for a DUI. No agency approval will be granted to allow a defendant to attend online DUI classes.

California – Do not take an online class if you are have a California Drivers License. The CA DMV will not accept any online class for a DUI requiremnt. Our CA classes are for court requirements only with prior approval, or for out of state residents with prior approval only.

Colorado – State of Colorado does not accept online courses for DUI/DWAI offense requirement.

Florida – State of Florida does not accept a online DUI courses to satisfy DUI school requirements.

North Carolina – North Carolina does not accept online DWI classes for residents or non-residents of North Carolina who received a DUI in the State of North Carolina. Please contact a local state approved ADSAP provider for DUI programs.

Texas – The State of Texas does not approve any online courses as substitutions for DWI offender education programs. They will, on a case by case basis, approve courses taken in other states if they are equivalent to the Texas courses.

Please note that if your state has requirements that are incorrect, please Contact Us so that we may correct them.

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